Crosswinds String Quartet

Crosswinds is:
Connie Li & Yaz Lancaster, violins
Debora HaeJin Bang, viola
Lydia Paulos, cello

Our mission:
As a quartet, we aim to present programs of works by composers belonging to minority groups, or work that is considered ‘non-standard’ in ways that subvert the ‘norms’ of classical music.

Contact any us for NYC performance inquiries(!)


collaborations with sebastian zel

  • Duende (2015)

             Yaz Lancaster, poem/narration
             Sebastian Zel, guitar/electronics
             [premiere performance]

  • (report) (2017)

             a setting of the poem '(report)' by Yaz for string quartet by Sebastian Zel

             Trent Ransom & Yaz Lancaster, violins
             Kyle Stalsberg, viola
             Aya Terki, cello
            [premiere performance]

  • in it & out of (2018)

a setting of the poem 'clocks' by Yaz for mixed ensemble by Sebastian Zel for Nief Norf 2018

           Katherine Ambrester, soprano
           Cole Bartels, trombone
           Jay Sorce, electric guitar
           George Mills, piano
           Kevin Zetina, percussion
           Daniel Fawcett, live electronics


Not Just Clara (2016-2018)

Yaz hosted a radio show on titled 'Not Just Clara.' It was a 2hr live show broadcast each week featuring music by women & non-binary composers. 



Sarian Sankoh, vocals/guitar
Shannon Silver, drumset/perc
Yaz Lancaster, violin/synthesizer/back-up vocals


Growing Up Song (2018)

Hannah Kim, voice
Kathryn Bishop, piano

Leah Ofman, composition
Yaz Lancaster, lyrics

~premiered at the 2018 NYU Youth Music Festival


soapboxers (2018)

Yaz Lancaster, poem/narration
Daniel Ramirez, electronics
[premiere performance]