Crosswinds String Quartet

Crosswinds is:
Connie Li & Yaz Lancaster, violins
Debora HaeJin Bang, viola
Lydia Paulos, cello

Our mission:
As a quartet, we aim to present programs of works by composers belonging to minority groups, or work that is considered ‘non-standard’ in ways that subvert the ‘norms’ of classical music.


collaborations with sebastian zel

  • in it & out of (2018)
    a setting of the poem clocks by Yaz for mixed ensemble by Sebastian Zel for Nief Norf Summer Festival 2018

  • (report) (2017)
    a setting of the poem (report) by Yaz for string quartet by Sebastian Zel

  • Duende (2015)
    poem/narration by Yaz Lancaster with guitar/electronics by Sebastian Zel


Not Just Clara (2016-2018)

Yaz hosted a radio show on titled 'Not Just Clara.' It was a 2hr live show broadcast each week featuring music by women composers.


SARIAN (2017-2018)

Sarian Sankoh, vocals/guitar
Shannon Silver, drumset/perc
Yaz Lancaster, violin/synthesizer/back-up vocals

Previous members: Noah Rosen, bass


text setting

Growing Up Song (2018)
lyrics by Yaz Lancaster and music by Leah Ofman
Hannah Kim, voice / Kathryn Bishop, piano

soapboxers (2018)
poem/narration by Yaz Lancaster and electronics by Daniel Ramirez

August (2017)
a setting of the poem August by Yaz for string quartet by Ellen Hardcastle