Peach Magazine (2019)

Yaz had two poems ‘familiar’ and ‘everyday the earth shrinks or maybe that’s called growing’ published online at Peach Magazine. The two poems were written/revised during their time in a workshop with Terrance Hayes, and are inspired by/incorporate lyrics by Frank Ocean & Biggie Smalls.

Minetta Review (2017)

Yaz had a poem 'The Thing About Houses or On Being Homeless and Laying On a Bed That is Yours' published in NYU's literary & arts magazine the Minetta Review for the Spring 2017 edition available in print & online.

Big and Small and Black (2017)

Yaz Lancaster's first collection 'Big and Small and Black' navigates what it means to be Black in America at a time where conservative politics are on the rise. It explores these identity politics using (mostly) appropriated language from the internet in an array of styles. The collection was created as a final project for a workshop with Robert Fitterman in Fall 2016.

Sunshowers (2017) & small forms (2017)

Yaz has two self-published collections of poetry & film photography. Sunshowers is a final workshop project & features works written while studying with Elaine Equi in the spring of 2017. small forms  (2017) includes short poems and photography collected between midsummer--early winter.

Both projects are hand-made upon request by Yaz. 
Contact for purchase inquiries.

Potluck Magazine (2016)

Yaz had 4 poems ‘Ouroboros,’ ‘August,’ ‘a poem that’s trying to tell me something,’ and ‘Onism’ published online in Potluck Magazine in January 2016. 

miniature avalanches that time creates (2016)

This is a visual poem created from Greenwich Village found language and footage captured at Rockaway Beach in NY for a workshop led by Robert Fitterman in Fall 2016.