Peach Magazine (2019)

Yaz had two poems ‘familiar’ and ‘everyday the earth shrinks or maybe that’s called growing’ published online at Peach Magazine. The two poems were written/revised during their time in a workshop with Terrance Hayes, and are inspired by/incorporate lyrics by Frank Ocean & Biggie Smalls.


Sunshowers (2017) & small forms (2017)

Yaz has two self-published collections of poetry & film photography. Sunshowers is a final workshop project & features works written while studying with Elaine Equi in the spring of 2017. small forms  (2017) includes short poems and photography collected between midsummer--early winter.

Both projects are hand-made by Yaz. 
Contact for purchase inquiries.


Minetta Review Spring 2017

Yaz had a poem 'The Thing About Houses or On Being Homeless and Laying On a Bed That is Yours' published in NYU's literary & arts magazine the Minetta Review for the Spring 2017 edition available in print & online.


Potluck magazine (2016)

Yaz had 4 poems ‘Ouroboros,’ ‘August,’ ‘a poem that’s trying to tell me something,’ and ‘Onism’ published online in Potluck Magazine in January 2016. 


Big and Small and Black (2017)

Yaz Lancaster's first collection 'Big and Small and Black' navigates what it means to be Black in America at a time where conservative politics are on the rise. It explores these identity politics using (mostly) appropriated language from the internet in an array of styles. The collection was created as a final project for a workshop with Robert Fitterman in Fall 2016.

miniature avalanches that time creates (2016)

This is a visual poem created from Greenwich Village found language and footage captured at Rockaway Beach in NY for a workshop led by Rob Fitterman in Fall 2016.